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Learn two heart opening breath techniques, experience Heart Coherence and discover how to trust and act on the guidance your heart is sharing with you each and every day.

Experience my signature method of Emotional and Energetic Alchemy.

We’ll combine EFT and Breathwork to clear densities and disharmonies from the mind and body and bring you back to your true, authentic essence.

Through the power of quantum technology, I will analyze your information field, collecting data on your energy systems (aka chakras).

Understanding our chakra system helps us uncover energetic blocks, and allows us to reach our higher purpose and potential.

Come play in the quantum with me! As LightWorkers and leaders of the new paradigm, we realize the ‘old ways’ are crumbling. The need for conscious tools to support our sovereignty is soaring.

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Experience a Quick & Potent Tapping Session to Support Your Root Chakra

October 10, 20232 min read

Root Chakra EFT Tapping for


Dear Lightworkers:

Many of us spend a lot of time in our upper energy centres. We’re highly intuitive, yet sometimes disconnected from our body and the earth (which is what allows us to anchor in the light we hold). Grounding down into our body will serve us, and many others, in countless ways. 


You likely already know this, but a reminder can never hurt...


The Importance of a Balanced Root Chakra for

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  1. Grounding: A balanced root chakra keeps lightworkers grounded, allowing them to effectively channel healing energies. Grounding enables them to stay present in the moment, enhancing their ability to provide meaningful support to those in need.

  2. Stability: Root chakra balance fosters emotional stability, ensuring lightworkers remain calm and composed during intense situations. This stability is essential for maintaining clear communication, empathy, and understanding while assisting others.

  3. Self-Confidence: A balanced root chakra enhances self-confidence and self-assurance. Lightworkers with a strong sense of self-belief can inspire trust and faith in those they help, creating a more profound impact on the individuals seeking guidance.

  4. Energy Protection: Grounded energy acts as a shield, protecting lightworkers from being overwhelmed by the energies they encounter. Root chakra balance helps in filtering out negativity and maintaining a healthy energy boundary.


Protect Your Energy And Ground Yourself

Follow along with my quick EFT tapping session (by watching the video above, or following my script below). This session was designed to help you stay connected to the earth, and feel safe in your purpose while staying open to the divine as you serve in your important mission of spreading light + healing + transformation everywhere you go✨❤️


Root Chakra EFT Tapping for Lightworkers:

My Gift To You🤍 Delve into the energetics of your heart, practice two potent heart-opening breath techniques, and master the art of trusting your heart's intuitive wisdom in this free Masterclass.

Gently tap on the following points while repeating each phrase out loud.

Side of Hand: I am a Lightworker

Eyebrow: I am connected with myself, the earth and the cosmos

Side of Eye: I bring healing and transformation to all I meet

Under the Eye: I am secure and supported in my mission

Under the Nose: I am protected and guided by Divine forces

Chin: I am anchored in my purpose

Collarbone: I am tapped into a higher wisdom

Under the Arm: I am a lightworker and it is safe for me to shine

Top of Head: I am a radiant lightworker shining my light in this world

And so it is 🙏🏻


How does that feel in your body, your soul, your heart?

Repeat this tapping sequence when you need to send loving and nourishing energy to your root.


Stephanie Packer


You can find more quick and effective tapping sessions on my Instagram,

or request a session with me here.

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